An innovative Vietnamese Cuisine by Chef Nani Nguyen
Nani has never thought of pursuing and opening his own restaurant due to the increased competition around, until his spiritual journey began couple of years ago which opened his insight and brilliant ideas. He would remember whilst walking in Melbourne CBD, looking through a restaurant’s window, seeing the overjoyed smile on the customer’s face when eating, he felt delighted. At that very moment, Nani realised “food is not just simply a source of energy for a physical body, but more of spiritual sustenance bringing enjoyment, happiness, and connecting strings to life. And that for him is the ultimate mission of being a chef: “to create that kind of pleasure to the customers’ palate and soul”.
Nani Nguyen has always had a great love and passion for food. From a young age, Nani showed a talent for cooking. Few years later, without any doubt, he chose to follow his inner voice in becoming a chef despite his parent’s expectation from him to be an engineer.
Nani’s first professional restaurant job came in 2009 as a trainee in one of the famous Vietnamese Restaurants in Richmond, Victoria: Ha Long Bay. Following a span of two years of working hard, he had greatly improved not only knowledge about food but also skills in the profession. However, as a person always motivated by creativity, Nani aspires to showcase a contemporary and fresh Vietnamese cuisine into the hearts of the customers. He decided to establish his culinary expertise through working in various places to enrich his proficiency in food industry.
Nani also worked at few well-known food establishments in Melbourne, namely: Hellenic Republic, Maha, Hunky Dory, and so forth. The journey has never been easy, according to Nani. Through working with exceptional chefs, he obtained inspiration and most importantly, confidence in order to step up and introduce himself into the culinary world.
Nani is much proud to share with everyone, the fruit of his labour: O’KANE. O’Kane is not just a place but also a way of sharing and spreading his insights and talent to the world.